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About Us

While India is making tremendous progress in student enrollment and access to education, there is a growing need to simultaneously improve our quality of education, particularly in high school. According to the NSSO, in 2018 only “3.9% of India’s population had pursued a technical/ professional degree such as medicine, engineering, agriculture, law, management, education, chartered accountancy and similar courses, IT/computer courses, courses from Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) and recognised vocational training institutes.”

Students of all ages need to realise a passion for learning. They need to think back to the days when they were younger and every new thing that they encountered had the potential to spark their unquenchable thirst for knowledge. We believe that learning never ends and no one is too young or old to learn something new. This belief lies at the heart of everything that we do at Yuva Chintana Foundation (YCF).

YCF is a Bangalore-based non-profit organisation that has been working in the domain of education, empowerment and the arts for ten years. We have built a strong network of teacher-facilitators across the state of Karnataka in over 11 districts, prepared over 5000 girls and 3000 boys in STEM by fostering a 21st century mindset and encouraging them to start working towards their dream careers and aspirations. We have worked with vulnerable and marginalised members of the community who lost their jobs due to the COVID lockdown that began in 2020, and helped disenfranchised communities talk about their identities through their new found professions, among other things. The arts are an integral part of everything that we do and is woven through all our activities as an organisation.

In each of our various projects we have sought to engage with communities through all three domains of our organisation so that they—1) learn new things with the spirit of wonder and amazement that a child has, 2) develop skills that empower and uplift them and 3) express and articulate observations of things that happen to them through the arts.