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STEM for Girls

STEM for Girls is a campaign in Govt Secondary and senior secondary schools to encourage adolescent girls by connecting them to knowledge, tools and building a stronger pathway to their potential careers. YCF as an implementing partner of Quest Alliance and IBM India Pvt Ltd is working in 67 schools across 11 districts of Karnataka reaching nearly 5000 girls to equip them with digital fluency, life, career and coding skills.

Project 101 Ways

Project 101 Ways is an initiative of YCF to engage students to develop an aptitude for problem solving from early on in their real lives (upper middle school onwards). In this project, YCF creates conditions to think laterally and discover new ways of looking at the world. Using creative and constructive thinking models, students are made to gear their entry/ approach to problem solving which help guide their career pathways to decision making from their choice of entry to the problem. Be it as an artist, social entrepreneur or a civil servant, but of their choice.

YCF Learning Centre

YCF Learning Centres are hubs created in smaller cities, towns and in some cases remote challenging locations in Karnataka to provide a settling environment for people from varied backgrounds to pursue common goals: a better life for themselves and their children, wiser use of resources, for greater fulfillment of the yearning for personal connection and ability to make a difference in civil society. These centers also serve as community resource centre keeping the foundation motto alive at field level.