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STEAM-Ed is a program devised in collaboration with WP Innovation foundation to provide a platform for bridging Arts in STEM for deep, sustained, varied learning explorations in the hope to break down the mind/body dualism and adopt a new interesting metaphor: the concept of ‘THINKERING’= Thinking + Tinkering.

Halasuru Traverses

Halasuru Traverses was an arts education project with the local community children of Halasuru to explore the artistry and history of their neighbourhood where children were trained in a hands-on immersive experience to design, contemplate and make characters of present times as puppeteers touched by the wonders of 'digital fabrication'. Children went through an artistic process from beginning to end - from storytelling, story ritual, character building, music, simple lighting and final staging where they unfolded the magical crossovers of a 'traditional folk form' with 'cutting edge technology'.