"None of us know all the potentialities that slumber in the spirit of the population, or all the ways in which that population
can surprise us when there is the right interplay of events." – Vaclav Havel

We are a group of committed individuals who believe we can find ways and create the right interplay of events to make things happen. It also explains why we celebrate the youthful spirit – the spirit of youth has the audacity to trust that it can change the world.

We value social relations and emphasise the role of cooperation to bring about transformative changes in Education, Empowerment & Employability, and Arts & Culture. We desire to create a more cohesive society with trust, openness, honesty, cooperativeness, tolerance, and respect.

Yuva Chintana Foundation (YCF) is very young and we are excited about the possibilities and challenges awaiting us. We will embrace everything that flows around us, perceiving them not as threats but as new opportunities.


Anupama is Founder Director of two organizations; Workbench Projects Pvt Ltd (WP) and Open Minds Education Initiative (OMEI). Both organizations are committed to education and empowerment of students/individuals. WP is committed to building an ecosystem for designers/ engineers/ innovators to build and expand their creative sensibilities for innovation. OMEI is an organization committed to a working philosophy where school students are at the centre of knowledge creation by exploring alternate ways of researching, collating and presenting material for sharing amongst a wide network of student community under OMEI's fold.

She led Kali-Kalisu - a joint initiative of the Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan, the German Cultural organization and India Foundation for the Arts, Bangalore. Kali-Kalisu is a pioneering project of the Goethe-Institut worldwide initiative 'Culture and Development' that aims at supporting infrastructure and professional training in the fields of culture, media and education in partner countries. Kali-Kalisu is strongly committed to teacher capacity building at grassroot levels and working with the government structures of Karnataka and NCERT, New Delhi. She has co-authored a position paper for pre-service D.Ed teacher training for Directorate of State Education Research and Training, Karnataka besides charting the curriculum and syllabi for arts education.

As an Ex-Director of Brains for Science and Technology Aided Reforms in Society (BrainSTARS), she has contributed to the development of its pioneering Math and Science Activity Centre. She continues to be the Managing Trustee of Yuva Chintana Foundation with a focus on Education, Empowerment & Employability and Arts & Culture.

She has an MA in Gallery Studies and Critical Curating from the University of Essex, UK and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from Mount Carmel Institute of Management, Bangalore. Her Bachelors has been in Fine Arts from College of Fine Arts, Bangalore University.

She has curated various art exhibitions in India and UK, and was a visiting faculty at the Department of Art History and Theory, College of Fine Arts, Bangalore as well as Curator/ Business Development Manager, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore.


After an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering, Dr. Srivatsa Krishnamurthy went in search of his passion and studied physics and mathematics. This ended in his completion of a doctoral thesis on Nonlinear Optics of Liquid Crystals at the Raman Research Institute, Bangalore. Post that, he went on to do a postdoctoral work in Bio-Physics at the Indian Institute of Madras, Chennai.

As Dr. Srivatsa puts it...

"During the days of research in Bangalore and Chennai, one thing seemed to be the common denominator of all the students – lack of motivation, lack of drive and/or lack of direction. It became increasingly clear while discussing with friends that they are many more who are highly passionate but are not receiving enough encouragement to pursue their dream in the academic spheres. There was a lack of connect among the students in college and the professors in research institutes. Even where it existed it was at best a visit by a professor and a lecture that the interested student may have not attended due to probabilistic reasons.

This led to a serious discussion among my friends and me to address this issue in some measure. Eventually, it led to weekend discussion sessions where my friends and I tutored undergraduate and post graduate students and made these budding scientists aware of possibilities. I can proudly say that there are at least 10 of them who completed their PhDs and are now employed as postdoctoral fellows and assistant professors across the globe. Further, we realised that this requires a more concerted effort and we decided to set up a company that addresses these issues. Thus, BrainSTARS – Innovation in Education was born. Under this banner we received invitations and we reached out to students through schools and colleges and various science forums. We also got an opportunity to train teachers on the methodology of science and mathematics education; debate on the pedagogy for the 21st Century with them.

During this same time, we also seized the opportunity to train more than 300 science and mathematics teachers of the Govt High School across five districts of the Karnataka State. This indeed was an eye opener. It led to a better understanding of the needs of these teachers in particular but the need of science communication in general. It increased our sensitivities for the state of science communication in schools across the state. Further, at this same time we explored the possibilities of applications of art in education. This led to deeper questions on the aspects of pedagogy and the interactions of arts and sciences. Thus was born the Yuva Chintana Foundation which looks at bringing about the youthful thinking around three core areas of the society to fulfil itself – Education, Arts and Culture, and Empowerment & Employability."

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