We work under three programmes:


The Education Programme of YCF furthers the cause of Education For All (EFA), thus aligning ourselves with the EFA movement of UNESCO. As the 1996 Delors Report expressed, education enables us to know, to do, to live together and to be. In other words, education allows us to reach our full potential as human beings. A world of peace, dignity, justice and equality depends on many factors - education is central among them.(UNESCO)

In our first three years, YCF aims to reach teachers and students of schools in Bangalore and districts of Karnataka who do not have easy access to information and are unable to keep abreast of the latest developments in education, career choices and learning environments. We aim to empower them with contemporary and relevant knowledge and skills to make informed decisions and realise the full potential of their ambitions and talents.

The key objectives of our three-year plan are:

i) Centres of Excellence (CoE):
They will be established along the lines of The International Basic Sciences Programme (IBSP), UNESCO, and work toward strengthening capacities in basic sciences in schools and promoting science education in learning communities.

ii) Wisdom Centres (WC):
They are community multimedia centres that will use various communication and information platforms to help our learning communities gain knowledge and engage in discourses. These facilities will introduce and manage community-centred development and change.

iii) Build on Aptitude (BoA):
This is a formal learning system that will be researched and developed by YCF to understand the strength of our learning community members in various sets of knowledge and skill areas. BoA will empower them to make the right education and career decisions that will lead to fulfilling employment.

YCF will raise funds to realise these objectives through research and development, building and managing resources plus database, and consultancy.

Our Education Programme aims to be a UNESCO partner by 2015.


We are focused on two constituencies:

   a) Youth from satellite towns of Bangalore and district cities of Karnataka who migrate to the capital in search of employment and endure hardships due to lack of skills       or absence of resources or a combination of both.

   b) Youth in satellite towns of Bangalore and district cities of Karnataka who are at a remove from the opportunities available in the capital city.

We work to:

i) Create Awareness:
With an aim to empower the migrant youth population of Bangalore with knowledge and possibilities, YCF will initiate year-long awareness programmes, with the help of experts, to highlight the Indian Constitution's Fundamental Rights and Duties. Interactions with experts will allow the youth to gain a perspective of the opportunities and facilities available in the capital city.

ii) Impart Relevant Training:
YCF will conduct workshops on Skills Set, Tool Set and Knowledge Set training for the youth from or in satellite towns of Bangalore and district cities of Karnataka. These workshops will enhance their employability and empower them with the ability to make practical decisions for their careers.

iii) Ensure placement and support:
YCF will actively look out for internship positions for the migrant youth population in Bangalore and continue our support till they are gainfully employed. We will also give financial support to enterprising individuals in satellite towns of Bangalore and district cities of Karnataka who have participated in our workshop series to set up their own organisations and support themselves. We aim to create Centres of Excellence outside Bangalore to foster local growth and independence from the capital city.


The Arts & Culture Programme of YCF seeks to shift the role of arts toward a larger public role without undermining the intrinsic value of artists and arts organisations. We aim to build arts-based social capital that would connect us with each other as well as with people unlike ourselves; increase community participation by using arts spaces as public spaces; and incorporate the local arts community into civic dialogue and social problem solving.

In our first three years, our three focus areas are:

1.Nurture urban community projects

2. Foster working partnerships with artists, organisations and NGOs that are conversant with the fields we want to explore and maximise on available resources and expertise to achieve our objectives without re-inventing the wheel

3.Raise funds to enable support art communities working in difficult situations YCF will raise funds to achieve our three-year plan. The plan includes: field research, documentation, archival, proposal development, fundraising, project administration, and intensive reviews of the programme and the projects it undertakes. YCF will make its archive open for public access and will encourage people from various fields to access our data and use them for their research or work.

We will plan and execute arts projects for social capital and development. We will connect arts to community building and service. We will collaborate with artists and arts organisations to challenge the community to move beyond their comfort zone and reach out for a larger and enlightened cultural understanding of each other's differences.

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