Community multimedia centres that will use various communication and information platforms to help our learning communities gain knowledge and engage in discourses. These facilities will introduce and manage community-centred development and change.

Empowerment & Employability

Social centres for the youth to be part of workshops, interact with experts and peers, and foster a community of shared goals.

Arts & Culture

Experiential Expeditions

All expeditions are across age groups. They will be customized on the core needs of the age groups.

i) Green Living Expedition (GLE) - A series of expeditions to enable enthusiastic individuals discover and reconnect with nature. GLE will accentuate ecological consciousness through outdoor educational experiences such as hands-on farming, kitchen gardening, bird-watching and local histories.

ii) Heritage Expedition (HE) - A series of expeditions that will give local perspectives and narratives of heritage spaces to participants. YCF team will research each site and create an interactive relationship between the expedition groups and the local inhabitants. Participants will be introduced to the various efforts of local bodies that have been safeguarding the heritage spaces and give them a chance to listen to each other on how to restore the past and care for the future.

iii) Public Administration Expedition (PAE) - A series of field enquiries with a diverse scope to understand government policies across disciplines and departments. The study of civics in the urban context is limited to text books and unfortunately younger generations are alienated from the realities and functioning of government functionaries. This expedition will address that gap and create opportunities for focus group engagement with local bodies and institutions like the Panchayat, State Secretariats, the Upper and Lower house etc.

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